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Annegret Bötel, February 2015
strategy & governance consulting was founded in 2014 by Annegret Bötel, continuing her long standing career as a consultant. The enterprise builds on her more than 20 years of experience in consultancy for the public sector in Germany and at European level [Vita in brief], directing and implementing complex and large-scale projects on behalf of the European Commission‘s services, Federal and State Ministries as well as other clients from the public sector and from NGOs [Link to references].
strategy & governance consulting is operating within an international network of consultants, consultancies, researchers as well as other experts and service providers. This cooperation enables projects on an interdisciplinary basis and at a size which goes beyond the capacities of a small enterprise. This form of cooperation broadens perspectives and facilitates new solutions for the customer. strategy & governance consulting is open towards cooperation with new network partners at national, cross-border and EU level [Link to contact].

strategy & governance

strategy & governance consulting offers consultancy services focused on the public sector, i.e. municipalities, ministries at regional and federal level, EU institutions and NGOs. Our services follow the concept of good governance in which strategy building is a key element for responsible change processes in organisations and society.


Strategic planning of interventions (e.g. regulations, programmes, investments and any other decisions) as part of good governance is characterised by transparency and sets the foundation for implementation. It:
  • Justifies an intervention
  • Sets clear targets
  • Defines how to reach the targets
  • Anticipates the impact on citizens, civil society, economy and the environment


The basic principles of governance

  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Fairness
guide our consulting services. They also constitute our approach in supporting change processes and forming criteria for the analysis and evaluation of public interventions. This requires to:
  • Identify the stakeholders, their roles and tasks
  • Define rules and principles for the interplay between all parties involved
  • Set defined targets and milestones for implementation
  • Define the criteria for success
strategy & governance consulting provides policy, strategy and implementation advice and offers the following services:
  • Analyses and studies (i.e. case studies, implementation analysis, stakeholder analysis, bench learning)
  • Evaluations
  • Impact assessment
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Process analysis
  • Process facilitation
Trustful and clear communication with the client is a key condition for tailored solutions and high-quality service. Service delivery is based on:
  • The targets and expected results of the assignment as agreed with the client
  • Implementation being coordinated with the client
  • The client being informed about work in progress on a regular basis
  • Each assignment being evaluated by the client

Policy and Strategy Advice

In this area, we:
  • Conceptualise and facilitate meetings of different sizes (e.g. workshops, open space, world café)
  • Support the development of projects and programmes

Implementation Advice

In this area, we:
  • Provide advice on designing programme management (i.e. selection procedures and selection criteria)
  • Assist in developing monitoring systems and procedures for self-evaluation and other tools for performance management
  • Offer training on evaluation particularly for public administration and NGOs
  • Assist enterprises, universities and other organisations in project development and in applying for funds (EU programmes)

Regional Policy

As a focal point for society development, regional policy relates to a range of policy fields determining the well-being of citizens (e.g. energy, transport, environment, labour market, education, research and development, enterprise support, social infrastructure). Regional policy is implemented at multiple levels, at urban neighbourhoods and villages, municipalities, regions and Member States and at European level. Hence, implementation varies considerably in regard to various aspects:
  • Top-down vs. Bottom-up
  • Strategic vs. Ad-hoc approaches
  • Degree of formalisation
  • Relevance of administrative borders
  • Type of stakeholders involved, relevance of public-private partnerships
  • Degree of citizens’ involvement
strategy & governance consulting analyses and evaluates the practical approach, provides input and facilitates strategy development and implementation at the different levels.

Implementation of EU Policies

EU law and policies determine national regulation and policy making to a high degree. EU funding, particularly by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) provides an added value to the Member States and its regions. But it also poses specific challenges in managing the system of multi-level governance from the EU Commission, the national and regional bodies down to the beneficiaries of EU support at local level, i.e.:
  • The strategic framework set out by the EU is to be adopted, incorporating specific national or regional requirements
  • Administrative burdens and costs emerging from overlapping administrative systems pose specific challenges to minimise bureaucracy
  • The partnership principle has to be respected throughout the policy cycle
  • Accountability follows specific European rules
  • Concepts of evaluation have to be tailored to the programme-specific context
strategy & governance consulting is specialized in European Structural Policies (ERDF, ESF, EAFRD, EMFF) and supports programming (analysis, conceptualisation, ex-ante evaluation, process facilitation) and developing of implementation procedures. We evaluate programmes and projects and provide advice in project development.

Enterprise Support and Innovation

Competitiveness particularly of small and medium-sized enterprises depends highly on their ability to adapt to market conditions and to fully utilise the potentials of technical and social innovations. It requires sound equity, access to information and technology, exchange and cooperation with partners and competitors and well-qualified staff. Public funds support enterprises with a range of measures and instruments, i.e.:
  • Facilitation of technology transfer
  • Venture capital
  • Investment aids
  • Consultancy programmes
  • Research and development
  • Vocational and educational training, further training of employees
  • Entrepreneurship programmes
strategy & governance consulting analyses and evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of such projects and programmes and provides recommendations on how to design and organize such measures. We advise enterprises, research institutions and universities in project development and implementation.
The references contain selected projects carried out by Annegret Bötel with previous employers.

Policy and Strategy Advice

  • Prime Minister State of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany, 2013-2014): Regional development strategy 2030, analysis and process facilitation
  • German Women’s Council (Germany, 2013-2014): Organisational development
  • State Ministry for Economy, Traffic and Innovation Hamburg (Germany, 2013): Programming ERDF 2014-2020

Implementation Advice

  • Robert Bosch Foundation GmbH (Germany, 2014): Pre-study on reducing administrative costs and burden in regulating asylum seekers’ living conditions
  • Federal Ministry of the Interior (Germany, 2010, 2012): Methodological consultancy on evaluation
  • University for Applied Science Lübeck (Germany, 2008): Feasibility study on a regional competence centre for e-learning
  • European Commission and Federal and State Ministries (2005-2012): Various projects on measuring administrative costs and burdens

Regional Policy

  • State Ministry of Finances Sachsen-Anhalt (Germany, 2008-2012): On-going evaluation of the ERDF and ESF programmes 2007-2013
  • State Chancellery State of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany, 2012): Expertise on the organisational set-up of the Danish-German INTERREG V A programme 2014-2020
  • German State Ministries in Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein (2002-2014): Evaluation of operational programmes implementing ERDF, ESF and EAFRD

Implementation of EU Policies

  • European Commission DG EMPL (2013-2014): Interim evaluation of the PROGRESS Microfinance Facility
  • European Commission DG MARE (2013-2014): Study on the implementation of Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund
  • European Commission DG REGIO (2011-2012): Comparative study of selection procedures in EU cohesion policy programmes
  • European Commission DG EMPL (2012-2013): Study of the ESF intervention, its set-up and impact in Germany

Enterprise Support and Innovation

  • European Commission DG REGIO (2009-2010): Ex-post evaluation of enterprise support financed by the European Regional Development Funds
  • State Ministry for Economy and Labour (Germany, 2008): Evaluation of a technology transfer programme
  • Bertelsmann Foundation (Germany 2008): International study on youth entrepreneurship

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